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PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrate) technology which enables high efficiency of LED light emittance and lattice matching in epitaxial growth of compound semiconductor crystal is typically processed by contact lithography process. Due to the necessity of whole area processing, application of nanoimprint technology was discussed in several years but still have not realized because of incompleteness of the technology and less ROI efficiency. Nowadays, demand for further pattern fineness TEX Series logoand larger substrate requires consideration to introduce beyond-stepper level of photolithography or nanoimprint.We offer TEX Series PSS volume production system which overcomes conventional issues of nanoimprint and has superiority in feasibility and cost against photolithography.

Features of PSS volume production system TEX Series

  1. Equipment cost : Less than 1/2 of others
  2. Reliability : Simple configuration without vacuum and pressurize mechanism
  3. Running cost : Apply durable mold made of original material (not film mold)
  4. Pattern fineness : Up to photonic level (∅250nm)
  5. Throughput : High throughput of 120 wafers /hour (3 or 4 X of others)

Example of system configuration

Example of system configuration

Example of the NIL & dry etch processed on sapphire substrate


Imprinting to whole area of Φ4” sapphire substrate.


UV resin pattern with residue control.


Cross-section of dry etched sapphire substrate (selectivity:0.8 is achieved).
*Dry etching is necessary to be done separately.



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