Nanoimprint (NIL) mold (stamper) fabrication services

The molds used for Nanoimprinting are fabricated by traditional semiconductor and photomask technology. Kyodo International responds to its customers' needs by using mask aligners, steppers and E-Beam machines and therefore offering the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. In the early evaluation stage, when customers have not yet fully decided their design requests, we offer them a large set of "Trial Molds". To customers that want to do imprint on glass substrates, we offer them our metal molds and other imprint services. We also offer engineering & technology consulting services to improve our customers` imprint solutions.


Image: Metal Mold
Metal Mold

3D Pattern

3D Pattern image
Micro Lens Array

*Anti-sticking treatment may cause some exposure/etching defects and/or some impurities on the mold template.



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