Nanoimprint (NIL) Services

NIL (nanoimprint) imprint service: Nanoimprinting Service by custom mold or your mold.

The specific feature for Nanoimprinting technology is that, if compared to photolithography and etching, it can be said that it has many manufacture patterns. We offer you to use the Nanoimprinting fabrication service for purposes, such as sample making, checking environment for integrating new devices,etc. It has broad application range, so please try it.

Trial Nanoimprinting Service

Nanoimprinting service, using the Test Si Mold, sold by KII.

We offer 4 types of sale, according to your needs:
1. Mold only
2. Polymer only
3. Mold + Polymer
4. Anti-sticking treatment

Image: Trial Nanoimprinting Service

*We apply original technologyファインモストto Anti-sticking treatment service.

Original Nanoimprinting Service

Imprinting service for resin materials or original mold

  • We offer imprinting service for the supplied resins
  • We offer customized service, answering the clients' requests, such as additional imprinting conditions or number of manufactured products
  • We hand in all kinds of data after imprinting( some of it- paid)
Original Nanoimprinting Service flow
  • We use 2-step estimate, one from the submission of conditions till the end and another for the actual processing.
  • The standard inspection is made with SEM, but we can also offer you as an option data, taken with electron microscope or AFM.
  • It is a principle to supply for free the mold, used for imprinting.
  • If you have specifications, which haven't brought any real results, we can discuss that together and decide new specifications.


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製品分類2 Anti-sticking treatment (FineMozt)
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