Nanoimprint (NIL) technocal consulting, Mold replication/cleaning

Mold Replication Service

To minimize your risk to spoil your valuable mold, we offer mold replication service. Applying our expertise in nanoimprint techniques, we are able to make replica mold from your original mold. Applicable for fine pattern to large complicated structured mold.

Mold Replication Service

We are able to provide anti-sticking treatment by applying our original technology which enables uniform coating on ultrafine pattern. Fine MoZt

Mold Cleaning Service

We offer cleaning service of used mold for nanoimprint. By applying the most suitable method of cleaning (e.g. Thermal/UV, Type of Polymer etc.), it improves quality of your imprinting process.

Mold Cleaning Service

Engineering Service

Under NIL research and development, optimization of mold, polymer, and imprinting parameters is required. Kyodo International offers nanoimprinting technology consulting by in-house mold manufacture/imprinting and technical cooperation with IMRE(Institute of Material Research and Engineering), Singapore.

  • Mold, Energy control on substrate surface
  • Reversal Imprinting
  • Combinatorial-mold Imprinting
  • Sequential Imprinting
  • Plasticizer Assisted Imprinting
Institute of Materials Researching and Engineering bannar

Example (1)
Cross linked Pillar structure by Polyethylene

  • Pattern Size : 200nm
    (aspect ratio=1)
  • Substrate : Poly

Example (2)
Double sided Grating structure in nano scale

  • Pattern Size : 200nm
  • Substrate : PMMA, Si

Example (3)
Double layer Grating structure

  • Substrate : Polystyrene, Si



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