Silex microsystems:All Si TSV, micro mirror array, RF-MEMS, Optical MEMS

By partnership with Swedish MEMS foundry, Silex Microsystems, we are able to provide volume production service of customer designed MEMS device.

About Silex MicrosystemsSilex Microsystems

  • "Pure Play" MEMS foundry.
  • Offers process and material optimization such as patterning like unique VIA structure, wafer bonding etc. based on abundant expertise of Si micro processing.
  • Φ8" MEMS dedicated fab.
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  • Established in 2000, proven track record with more than 350 customers worldwide.
  • Diversified market exposure such as Life science, Telecommunication, IT, Industrial & Scientific.
  • Expertise in diversified application : RF-MEMS, TSV, micro mirror array, optical switch, inkjet print head, cantilever, pressure sensor, accelerometers etc.
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Unique technology① Si electrode TSV (Sil-Via™)

All-silicon through-silicon via.
Integration of this technology into MEMS systems enables significantly reduced form factors and true wafer level packaging solutions.

  1. All-silicon structure leads to low thermal expansion difference. Additional embedded metal electrode not necessary
  2. Durable at high temperatures (≦1100℃), vacuum sealed packaging possible
  3. CMOS and MEMS device mounting and wafer level packaging possible
  4. Suitable for applications requiring high vacuum sealing, e.g. acceleration sensor, pressure sensor, gyro

Unique technology② Cu electrode TSV (Met-Cap™)

Own development of through full wafer thickness metal via, excellent yield at low resistance.
It is an ideal substrate for wafer level packaging of RF MEMS devices.

  1. Fully integrated in standard building block cap wafer, may also contain a hollow
  2. Perfect for RF MEMS wafer level capping
  3. For 400µthickness, via resistance <25mΩ
  4. 10mTorr (Getter), 1Torr (without Getter)
  5. Yield rate >99.9%
Cu electrode TSV (Met-Cap™)

Unique technology③ Glass Via

Developed glass via technology from recent trends of getting Mobiles&tablets thinner.
This glass via is suitable to the use of low power loss application, such as RF.

  1. Developed thin glass via with the thickness around 100µm.
  2. Realized superior electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and high hermeticity.
  3. Possible to use WLP upon RF-MEMS application.
Glass Via

Unique technology④ PZT film production technology

Introduced PZT mass production process by sputtering method.
Supply high quality PZT film production for actuator, energy harvest application and sensing purpose.

PZT parameters
・e31 : -15 C/m2
・Young's modulus : 75GPa
・Relative permittivity εr : tunable from 700 to 1,400
・Breakdown voltage : 80-130V/µm
・Leakage current : < 200nA/cm2(up to BDV)
・Thickness : standard 1.2µm to 2µm, max. 4 µm

Glass VIA

Unique technology⑤ Rocket MEMS --- semi-custom pressure sensors ---

Supplied semi-custom pressure sensors with short lead time.
Tuned standard design to meet with customer requested specs.
Utilized Silex production process established by SmartBLOCK.

Rocket MEMS
  1. Tuned standard design to meet with customer specs by A.M.Fitzgerald and utilized Silex established pressure sensor production process.
  2. Supplied high performance and low cost pressure sensor chip with short lead time.
  3. Supported ASIC and packaging as option.
rocket Mems
  Medical Consumer
Industrial or
Chip length (mm) 0.3 – 2
Thickness (mm) 0.3 - 1
Bridge Resistance (KΩ) 1 – 10
Pressure range, absolute (atm) 0.5 - 1.5(380-1140 mmHg) 0.2 – 2 0.2 – 10 (3-150 psi)
Example Applications Blood pressure
Flow Monitors
Altimeter (altitude)
Barometers (weather)
Fuel Gauges
Hydraulic Systems
Rocket MEMS


Faster more cost-efficient development through modular standardization using SmartBLOCK


SmartBLOCK uses proven process blocks extracted from working process libraries to integrate functionality into a single structure.

electing the appropriate SmartBLOCKs from the library to build your process application significantly speeds up development and reduces costs.



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