Flexible MEMS Solutions

Flexible MEMS means scalable MEMS devices made of organic material which differs from conventional silicon based MEMS. It is highly expected to be key devices for IoT / Trillion sensor era.
Silicon substrate has been used for MEMS until now, however taking advantage of the material properties “Flexible MEMS” is drawing attention in recent years.
We have been working on the application and development of "microfabrication technology" for polymers from an early stage, and will support the technological development of the Flexible MEMS which will be diverted to various fields in the future.

Features of Flexible MEMS

  • Light in weight => Can be embedded in existing items (shoes, equipment, tags, etc.)

  • Thin => Can be installed in gaps (gears, thermal contact, electrical contact, etc.)

  • Large area => Can be manufactured by the printing process

  • Bend => Can be attached to curved surfaces or the surface of stretchable materials (electric appliances, piping, tires, skin, etc.)

  • Cut => Cut adjustment to the required size is possible after manufacturing.

Prototype and application examples using polymers

Polymer Features Application Examples Process
Optical characteristics Microlens array, Flexible optics (elements), etc. Nanoimprint,
Photolithography, Ni-electroforming
Thermal expansion Thin film thermocoupleThin-film membrane, other Thin film depositionPhotolithography
Biocompatibility Medical devices, Microfluidic chip, etc. Thin film depositionPhotolithography
Flexibility Polymer memory device, Low power consumption displacement device, etc. Thin film depositionPhotolithography

Flexible MEMS prototype video



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