MEMS Prototyping Solutions

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) is one of the markets which is expected to grow in the future. The application of MEMS technology is expanding in various fields such as acceleration sensors used in automobile airbags, games and smartphones, mirror devices used in projectors, etc. and also in the life science field such as microfluidic chip and DNA research.

The major part of MEMS technology comes from existing semiconductor manufacturing technology. We provide MEMS prototype solutions by utilizing our experience and knowledge in the semiconductor field. As the application increases, number of MEMS specific manufacturing processes have been developed so that prototyping is getting more challenging.
However, apart from the equipment, there are other challenges in MEMS prototyping.

To respond to your requests, we support MEMS prototyping by developing new processes and proposing original ideas.

MEMS prototype/application example

  • Print head
  • Digital Mirror Device (DMD)
  • Pressure sensor
  • DNA chip
  • Optical switch
  • Cantilever for AFM
  • Micro flow module
  • Optical modulator


Process capability list

We meet your fabrication requests using our decades-long expertise and several fabrication processes.

Thin film

Type Methods, Devices Remarks Substrate size
Insulation layer formation Thermal oxidation ≦10µm Φ2" to Φ300
AP-CVD SiO2, PSG、NSG etc. Φ4", Φ5"
LP-CVD Poly Si etc. Φ2" to Φ4", Φ6"
PE-CVD SiO2, SiN, a-Si, etc. Φ2" to Φ8"
Metal and insulation layer formation Sputtering (PVD) Metal, Alloy, Oxide, Nitride, Special material etc. Φ2" to Φ450、≦650 x 950
Evaporation Metal, Alloy, Oxide, Nitride, Special material etc. Φ2" to Φ300, ≦300 x 360
Electro / Electroless Plating Electro plating: Ni, Cu, Au, SnAg
Electroless plating:Ni, Cu, Au
≦Φ8", Square


Type Methods, Devices Remarks Substrate size
Photolithography Process
(Resist coating, Exposure, Development)
Spin Coat Positive resist, Negative resist Φ2" to Φ8"
Contact Aligner Capability: >3µm Φ2" to Φ8"
Double Side Aligner (g-line) Capability: >1µm Φ4"
Stepper (i-line) Capability: >0.5µm Φ4", Φ6"
Nanoimprinting Imprinted resist (nano order) Ask for detail
E beam lithography Capability: >50nm ≦Φ6"
Lift off Lift off Capability: >5µm Φ2" to Φ8"



Type Methods, Devices Remarks Substrate size
 Dry Etching Parallel plate RIE Si etching, Quartz etching Φ2" to Φ8"
ICP-RIE Si etching, Quartz etching Φ4", Φ6"
Si Deep-RIE Si (Through-Hole) Φ2" to Φ6"
Sacrifical layer etching Si, SiO2 Φ2" to Φ6"
Metal etching Al, Al system Φ2" to Φ4"
Wet Etching TMAH, KOH Choose suitable Φ2" to Φ8"
HF Φ2" to Φ8"
Various metal layer etching Φ2" to Φ8"

Ion Implant

Type Methods, Devices Remarks Substrate size
Ion Implant Mid current Ion Implant
High energy Ion Implant
Possible to dope using 60+ elements Φ3" to Φ6"
Anneal High energy high speed annealing Heat temperature MAX 1800℃ ≦Φ8"



Type Methods, Devices Remarks Substrate size
Wafer bonding Anodic bonding Bond Glass and Si ≦Φ8"
Surface activated bonding Possible to bond different materials together Ask for detail


Type Methods, Devices Remarks Substrate size
Wafer bonding CMP Metal: Au, Pt, Cu etc.
Oxide: TEOS, SiO2 etc.
Φ2" to Φ300, Square


Type Methods, Devices Remarks Substrate size
Surface analysis SIMS, ESCA, TEM etc. Various contract analysis services Ask for detail
Microscope observation of shapes in very small areas



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