MEMS Design, Development and Production

We broadly support your design, prototyping and production of various MEMS devices (MEMS sensors, MEM microphone, Mirror, Actuator, Piezoelectric devices etc.) , Micro Lens Array, Microfluidics, TSV etc.


MEMS Design, Development and Production
  • We offer MEMS design solutions from Technology Strategy, Design to Simulation.
  • We offer integration of design to Prototyping, Test Production, Pilot Production and Volume Production Foundry Services.
  • We correspond to individual requirements for Design, Prototyping and Volume Production.
  • We offer foundry services by a pure-play MEMS foundry, Silex microsystems who have a abundance of expertise globally.
  • We offer design and production of ASIC for MEMS by A.M.Fitzgerald.
  • We coordinate licensing of useful Intellectual Properties (IP) domestically or internationally.


MEMS Design Total support from Device design, Simulation to Prototyping by a single window.
Design ASIC for MEMS Designing sensor I/F ASIC for MEMS. Supporting design~prototyping~mass production.
Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing Please ask for licensing of domestic and international Intellectual Properties (IP).

MEMS Prototyping, Production (MEMS Foundry)

In addition to small volume MEMS prototyping by using our own facilities, we offer MEMS Foundry Services for volume Production by partnership with Silex microsystems.

Process Technologies for various applications

Piezoelectric Thin Film Thin film deposition and patterning of Piezoelectric films for MEMS such as PZT, AlN, ZnO etc.
Thick Film Resist We offer patterning of Thick Film Resist for MEMS such as SU-8, KMPR etc.
Through Hole Pattern Through hole patterning on Si, Glass or other substrates by suitable process methods such as Etching, Sand Blasting, Machining etc.
TSV We offer the most suitable TSV for your application from Si electrode TSV to Cu electrode TSV.
Sacrificial Etching   Sacrificial etching and Volatile coating for fine gap formation.
CMP Mirror polish for bonding or other planarization processes according to your CMP needs.
Bonding Various wafer bonding such as Surface Activated, Anodic, Eutectic, Room temperature, Temporary bonding etc.
Stealth Dicing Stealth Dicing which is a dry dicing process.



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