MEMS DesignA.M.Fitzgerald

By partnership with dedicated MEMS design house, A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, we fully support your MEMS development from Technology Strategy, Process Design, Prototyping and Small Scale Production.

About A.M.Fitzgerald

  • Founded in 2003. Based in California, The United States.
  • From Technology Strategy, Prototyping and Low Volume Production and integration to Volume Production Foundry.
  • Prototyping will be done by φ6".
  • Operated and engineered by MEMS expert engineering team.
  • Client owns all work product and intellectual property.
  • More than 110 customers.

Our Value

  • First time developing MEMS? →We can provide a complete solution
  • mproving your MEMS product? →Let us optimize your design
  • Investing in MEMS? →Valuable insight from expert practitioners

A complete supply chain from concept to production

A complete supply chain from concept to production



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