Wafer Holder

Silicet is a specialized global supplier of advanced etching technologies for micromachining. Our specific field is the development and production of high quality wafer holders and flexible process-units for chemical and electro-chemical etching as well as for electroplating processes.

As developer with many years of experience in the field of industrial and product design we are specialized in constructing and producing tools specific to our customers applications. We deliver our products to Europe, Asia and the United States of America. In Germany we work together with customers like Siemens, Bosch, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Fraunhofer Institutes and several universities.


  • Complete absorption of substrate by vacuum (low resist design).
  • Eliminates backside coating process and mask.
  • Reduce process and material cost. Achieve better yield.
  • Applicable for various substrates.

TRIO-PLUS holder for chemical etching, electrolytic etching and electroplating

  • Wafer held mechanically
  • Clamping force by four clips absolutely stress free
  • Working surface: excl. 3mm circumferential
  • Backside fully protected
  • Material:
    • Body: Peek/PVDF/PP/PTFE - adapted to etchant/electrolyte
    • Sealing lips: PVDF
  • Available for substrates from 2"-12" as well as rectangular substrates or fragments
  • Easy handling
  • Different types of suspension device available
TRIO-PLUS holder for chemical etching, electrolytic etching and electroplating

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