Desktop Hotplate

A precision hotplate which is suitable for pre-bake and post-bake. Table top size. Customizable. Manufactured by SPS.

Desktop Hotplate

The POLOS Hotplate is available for single or double substrates(also available for 200mm wafers). Several heater surface temperature areas are available for dual processing. A precision digital temperature controller enables adjustable temperature steps of 1°C. It is suitable for soft bake as well as hard bake processes and curing of photo resist or epoxy or any other work requiring precise temperature control.


  • Low surface temperature: gradient heating unit (safe housing temp)
  • Diagnostic serial interface (RS232)
  • Precision temperature controlling system: uniform temp.: +/- 0.5℃
  • Digital temperature controller: adjustable in steps of 1℃
  • Countdown timer (1-999 sec.) with acoustic alert

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"POLOS™" manufactured by SPS is a spin processor with all plastic design, brushless motor equipped and many options and expandability available

  • MEMS
  • IC
  • PV
  • BIO
  • NIL



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