Corporate vision

Regardless of the industry type, the corporate vision of Kyodo International hasn't changed since its foundation: We continue to offer our clients different merits by selling products, that "Haven't existed so far" or are "Impossible to be imitated".

President & CEO Kenshin Ikeda
President & CEO Kenshin Ikeda

So far, we have always strived to find new challenges, being able to become pioneers in the production of the semiconductors and liquid crystal display leading devices by presenting the essential key material "sputtering target". We have also become the first importer of "European High-Quality Cured Ham", achieving the pioneer position in the food industry as well, as at that time cured ham was not even a part of the Japanese food culture.

The roots are placed in our passionate thoughts and actions, encouraging our clients to become pioneers in the field by creating new values for the customer, making offers and so on.

A company like Kyodo International, which advocates the image of a borderless company, can be clearly distinguished among the rest, competing in a world, which becomes more and more complicated, thanks to the economy globalization, advanced Internet, environmental problems,etc.

I intend to work harder for social contribution, by searching for new challenges, getting over the walls between the different industries and trying not to get restricted by the already existing values.

Do not take your eyes off Kyodo International!