Since 1995, our electronics department has been executing the “quality management system” which is compliant with the ISO9001 standard in accordance with our policy of customer satisfaction and quality-first. Upon recognition of ISO9001 : 2015, we now have officially certified to the “ISO9001 International Standard for Quality Management”.

We set our quality policy which determines our way of thinking, attitude and quality assurance based on our corporate polity, i.e. a Solution Provider. We will always propel quality assurance activities which meet customers’ expectations, while continuously striving to improve quality.

Quality policy

We are a Solution Provider which transcend national borders and provide “only-one” solution which mean “Haven’t existed so far”, “Impossible to be imitated” and then “Products that can be valued by ourselves”. We gain trust by meeting customers’ expectations, solving customers’ issues together, complying with laws and regulations and considering social requirements while realizing reliable quality, cost and delivery time.

For those reasons, we, as a whole company work to incorporate a quality management system that complies with the ISO9001 standard into our business activities and continuously improve our business operations.  

Established : Augst 2, 2021

Kyodo International Inc.
President CEO Kenshin Ikeda