Cell Image Analysis Software FV-Scaler

For counting and tracking cell


Cells divide and grow during cell cycle so that it is labor intensive and time consuming to track and cells by visual checking.

Cell image analysis software FV-Scaler was developed with the aim of saving labor in cell analysis.


  • Automatic segmentation.
  • Count, characterize and classify based on fluorescence, shapes , etc.
  • Track moving and divided cells


  • Low cost.
  • Easy operation.
  • Less human error, more accurate results.
  • Specifications can be customized to meet customer requirements.
  • Can work with many commercially available equipment (electron microscopes, personal computers, etc) (*)

* First, please contact us to check if your devices are match with FV –Scaler.

How to use

Easy to use. Just install it on your PC and analyze the image and the video with software.

Example of results

Example data extraction

 Say  Time  Total number of cells  Number of   
Fluorescent red cell Fluorescent green cell Spherical cell Oval cell
 2019/08/16  10:15  928  443  360  322  549
 2019/08/16  10:20  1052  506  332  229  228
 2019/08/16  10:25  1160  455  439  122  121
 2019/08/16  10:30  1133  321  384  322  189

 Items vary depending on the software condition settings. Data can be output in CSV file or customer specified file format (on request).

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サムネイル画像 Cell Image Analysis Software  FV-Scaler
説明文 Software for counting and tracking cell.