Online virtual tour and live demonstration

Sep. 17, 2020

Now even distant customers can virtually experience the actual work environment, whether you are in Japan or overseas.
We have a solution to the business trip restrictions due to the new coronavirus epidemic. With the virtual tour, you will be able to experience the same as if you are directly at the worksite.

Wafer foundry services

We do “online virtual tour” of sputtering, dry etching, and nanoimprinting performed at our Techno Innovation Center through the Internet.
Not only you can see the live demonstration, but also you can able to ask questions directly to our engineers.

Dry ice cleaning

We will do a live demonstration of Dry ice cleaning, which is environmentally friendly and cause no damage to the base material to be cleaned.
If you are interested in testing your parts for cleaning, please send us the samples.

Dry ice cleaning system and services

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