Expanded lineup of "solder" for bonding Sputtering Targets, Electrostatic Chucks, etc.

July 29, 2020

Indium, which is a low melting point metal, is generally used as the solder material used for bonding metals and ceramics such as sputtering targets and electrostatic chucks, but in response to the customer's request to match the solder material to the temperature range to be used, We develop solder materials for a special purpose and provide optimal support for the purpose and application.


 By alloying materials from indium (melting point 156°C) to melting point 1000°C and combining the target material with the alloy solder, and combining it with surface treatment by sputtering film coating, we can propose the optimal bonding method for each material/shape can be found.
 Target market
 Electronics, materials, chemistry, energy fields, etc.